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CouchTycoon.netCouchTycoon is the “Friends n Family Venture Network”. Participants can directly invest in start-ups starting at approximately $ 4 and they can trade their shares they’ve bought once.

So startups get financed and quoted in real values and at their very first steps they do. To invest and trade shares of startups you must convert your dollars to “CouchChips” first, as they call their own currency. To submit a project is as easy as writing an e-mail or blogging. Describe your project like you would do in an e-mail to one of your friends. Your post will appear on the “Going to Beef Island” site as well as in the “Going to Beef Island Feed” which you see below. This way community members can easily be updated when new suggestions are published. In Their Own Words

“Serious Equities in Kitschy Surroundings themed, we started developing this community to share and control our own investments. Because every one of us lives in another city or country it became difficult to manage our common ownerships. Now CouchTycoon also enables you to submit new investment ideas, to discuss and vote on them and finally to decide about major issues and invest jointly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

CouchTycoon lets the community participate in the success-stories of the web. Not like the other sites that let their user work for them by creating their content. CouchTycoon lets their user participate in a startups’ success.

Some Questions About

Is this a good way to make profit? Is this site reliable? Will people use their service?