You’re Thinking Too Hard: Coseer Unveils Computing Software That Thinks Like Humans With Up To 98% Accuracy

O to have an extra, analytically brilliant brain or 1,000 interns on hand to make our businesses run smarter. To have an amazing machine like IBM’s Watson for ourselves…


If you’re thinking that you’ll never have the resources for such computing, think again.


Coseer is a Silicon Valley-based startup specializing in tactical cognitive computing technology that mimics the human brain to solve complex problems for business. Its AI-powered suite of software can process natural language and unstructured data to help with day-to-day decision making.




Instead of just mining for keywords, Coseer can process ideas, differentiate between reliable and unreliable data, break down problems and provide intuitive solutions. Coseer’s cognitive engine automatically aggregates millions of data sources in real time, including numbers and text, which it reads and summarizes like a human with 95-98% accuracy.


Being a machine, Coseer manages this feat in considerably less time, requiring less resources. The technology is highly customizable and boasts accelerated training that allows enterprises to deploy the system within 4-12 weeks. It runs over conventional hardware in the cloud or on premise, and can be utilized for large or small problems.


“It’s our philosophy that people should be able to spend more time focused on things like creativity and judgment in their day-to-day workflows and leave the monotony of information mining and paper pushing to the machines. Coseer makes that possible,” said CEO Praful Krishna, a Harvard Business School and McKinsey & Company alumni.



This AI and NLP-powered software has broad application potential across industries. Banks might provide customized investment updates culled from millions of documents. Hospitals might suggest treatment plans based on information scattered and hidden in patient records. Coseer has released several product demos and case studies to demonstrate their technology’s functionality in the consulting & legal world, finance, manufacturing, life sciences and other industries.


Looking for accurate solutions that can improve your decision making and customer experiences, AND save you time and money? Learn more about how Coseer can streamline and automate your language-driven workflow at


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