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CoScoop.comAre you tired of spending hours browsing the internet and finding nothing that interests you? Do you wish that interesting articles would find you? Well if this is sounding familiar you should visit that has users generated articles. Join the site by creating a profile. Your profile will include, personal details, which you can keep hidden, and statistics of your involvement on the site, such as, your buddies, comments, scoops you created and shared, etc.. Once you are a member you can post scoops, (articles) on the site. Your scoops will appear in the latest news section. Your scoop will be rated by other members and the scoops with the highest ratings will be featured in the top news section. The rating system keeps the best content visible and poor content is at the bottom of the list. keeps track of what type of article you like and updates you when an article that appears t be of your interest appears. Don’t waste your time reading articles that don’t interest you go to to find the articles you like. In Their Own Words

“Like many other sites out there, CoScoop lets its users submit links to interesting articles on the web, or write articles themselves. The CoScoop community can then take part of this information and rate it, making good content more visible, and bad content less. The community can of course also discuss the news and share article.
The whole idea behind CoScoop is that you should never again have to dive head-first into the heaps of information on the web, just to spend hours trying to dig up something that is actually interesting to you. But how can you achieve this? CoScoop does this by constantly keeping track of what and how you rate content on the site. Through this, it can actually figure out what you seem interested in at the moment. By doing this, it can also quickly find scoops (that’s what we call articles around here) that matches your interests, and present them to you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easy to navigate, all contact is neatly placed and easy to find. has its articles place in categories so you can search for content that interests you by category. Each user has a main interest area of their profile so you can see what they like. You can even use this part of their profile to communicate with them and ask them advice on where to find articles in the area of interest. You can discuss and article with CoScoop members by hitting the discuss key. is a great place to find articles that you will enjoy.

Some Questions About

There are other sites that are based on user generated content and focus on delivers articles of interest to the user. How will deal with competition from other sites? could add more Web 2.0 features, there could be a forum section and members could have the option of creating groups where they could network.


Author : Charly Zaks

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