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CortexApp.comCortex is a Chrome extension that makes for sharing content in a way that is not radical in itself, but which proves to be extremely practical. In essence, if you get this extension you will be able to spread content all over the Social Web by clicking on what you want to share and holding on. Whenever that is done, a wheel of share options will be produced, and by rotating the mouse in the pertinent direction and releasing your finger the content that was highlighted will be shared.


So far, content can be shared not only on Facebook and Twitter but also on Tumblr and Instapaper. And when it comes to Facebook, you are actually allowed to choose the friend that you want to share the content with.

Additionally, Cortex can take care of shortening URLs for you, as well as choosing the header texts that should go with anything you are sharing. And users of Cortex are provided with full analytics showcasing their sharing history.

That is a very respectable set of features any way you look at it. Cortex feels like a truly liberating app, and I think it might as well herald the demise of these clunky bars and share buttons that we all have grown to know and (the truth is the truth) hate. In Their Own Words

Cortex is the fastest way to share links, articles, videos, images, music to your friends and family across the web.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way it streamlines the sharing of content is really unprecedented.

Some Questions About

Are we witnessing the birth of the way content will be shared in the near future?

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