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Cortera.comCortera is a platform which has been recently unveiled, and that aims to bring transparency to business interactions by letting anybody figure out which companies can be trusted and which ones are known not to pay their bills and beat about the bush for days on end.


This information is arrived at by the aggregation of data from resources such as credit exchanges, public records and financial documents on the whole.

A community for business credit is then created, and it stands as the first of its kind. It goes by the name of “Cortera Credit Exchange”, and by combining elements like the ones that have just been mentioned with reviews and ratings it aims to let anybody determine which credit decisions will be sound ones indeed.

When it comes to the implementation of Cortera, there are four plans to choose from. There is a free one for trial purposes, and that free version (like every single other plan) comes complete with unlimited searches, demographics, business contact information and a payment risk rating that goes from 1 to 5 stars. Paid plans include features like payment risk summaries and advanced payment risk details. On the other hand, features like a bankruptcy indicator and monthly aging balances are only provided to those who go for the most expensive plan, the one named “Power”. In Their Own Words

“Cortera’s mission is to give you better, more actionable insights into the companies you interact with, without the hassle or high prices. It’s what we call Fresh Perspective.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings some much needed transparency into the picture.

Some Questions About

How will this project evolve over time?

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