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Correlate.usCorrelate is a site that allows you to organize your online life by bringing all of your social networking data into one place. Since people spend more and more time on the internet and increasingly more of that time is spend socially, correlate provides a way of saving time while keeping up to date with the various aspects of your online life.

Why go to each individual site when you can go to one site and manage your entire online life. This site also has activity graphs which allow you to monitor activity levels of your favorite sites. The site refreshing feeds about every 15-minutes meaning that you can be confident that you are getting up-to-date information in close to real time. In Their Own Words

This site sprang forth out of my frustration with both social networks and my increasingly disparate collection of online activity. I wondered to myself why the social networking sites were such silos. Why should I post my photos, blog entries, interesting websites, etc. when I already have a flickr/delicious/digg/twitter account? It just didn’t make sense.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are increasingly looking to get all of their information from one portal and correlate does a nice job of providing this. The graphs are a nice added feature which could help to differentiate correlate from the masses of other sites promising to do the same thing.

Some Questions About

There are so many sites offering to organize your lifestream and give it to you in one place. The market is still too young to be able to predict which sites will make it and which will fall by the wayside.