– Give a Brother a Break

CopsWritingCops.comIf you’re a man of the law, nothing sucks worse than getting busted by another man of the law, especially in a condescending or abusive manner. That’s why Cops Writing Cops was created.

This website is devoted to connecting fellow police officers to discuss the lack of respect with which they sometimes treat each other. The site suggests that there needs to be a greater level of compassion between fellow police officers, even to the point where one cop may give another cop a break when it comes to, say, a speeding ticket. The site’s main feature is the “Dick of the Month” forum, where users can submit reports of maltreatment by other police officers. In Their Own Words

“If you are a police officer, trooper, court officer, correction officer, telecommunicator, highway patrol, federal agent, or any other type of police (peace) officer either full-time, part-time or retired that has been disrespected or insulted by another police agency (officer) by not receiving some sort of professional courtesy, please email staff (at) with the information. If you have been arrested for a crime and want to use this as a podium to rant, go somewhere else”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cops Watching Cops is a good way for police officers to promote respect among the law-enforcement community, and a mechanism for venting frustration in regards to officers not cutting other officers a break.

Some Questions About

Well, the site doesn’t actually do anything, there’s no real community feel since there really aren’t any web 2.0 features to this site; users can’t interact with one another. Also, it seems like it’s promoting illegality; Cops Watching Cops encourages officers to go around the law when it comes to punishing other officers. It’s also unclear where the online donations go.