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CoolURLs.comCoolURLs defines itself as “a community dedicated to uncovering worthwhile reads”. Like many related sites, it lets users submit stories and then vote the ones that hold the most promise.


These are the first thing that ones sees upon visiting the site, actually, and the news themselves range far an wide. Some of the featured categories include “Technology”, “Lifestyle”, “Entertainment” and “How-to”. There is also an “Offbeat” category for items that do not appear to fit anywhere else.

All the features one associates with aggregators are included, and if you decide to use the site you can sort stories by relevance, as well as executing both standard and advanced searches. The latter lets you specify whether or not you want to take comments, tags and users into consideration when you are conducting a search.

The site also makes for the creation of groups in order to share articles with individuals that are bound together by common interests. This way, everything is more streamlined and concise.

These are the features of the site, and – as you can tell – there is nothing to set it apart from the countless news aggregators that are available. Still, if for some bizarre reason 90 % of these news aggregators were wiped away from the face of the web and this were the one and only left to tell the tale it would do the job. But as it stands, there is no real reason for you to part ways with the aggregator you are employing right now and go for this one. In Their Own Words

“Coolurls is a community dedicated to uncovering worthwhile reads.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives access to news items ranging far and wide.

Some Questions About

What is the point of yet another news aggregator that brings nothing new into the picture?

Author : Roger Hollings

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