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CoolQuiz.comAre you keen in trivia’s, quizzes, puzzles, jokes and useless knowledge? If so you should checkout this website. Get your daily dose of trivia or browse through this website which is the most comprehensive trivia resource on the internet.


Make a quiz or poll, create a member profile, send an e-card, sound off on the boards, learn about cool contests and more jut by visiting this site. Join the over 2 million users who have created a Cool Quiz, create your own as to test your friends and family or whoever you want to. Checkout their growing collection of Puzzles, Illusions, Brain Teasers, and others. You should also checkout at this site the humor section which provides jokes, joke toons, cool libs, silly surveys, silly stories and more. Plus, this site provides links to other very fun websites.

Author : Steve Dixon

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