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CoolFlick.orgA fact is a fact. The never-ending array of pictures that make up Flickr is an exciting collection of media, but the simple fact that there is such a sheer number can result in endless searches in pursuit of what you exactly need.


If you are looking into ways of having access to these selfsame files in a straightforward fashion, then this new solution will most likely do the trick.

Essentially, CoolFlick combines together Flickr and Cooliris, the famed browser plugin that makes for slideshows of online images, and lets you get into the swing of things right away. The site lets you browse by tag, and these are as diverse as users making up the popular file hosting service.

Whenever you choose to look at any picture closer, you will also have access to the options that characterize Cooliris, like cutting the image to your clipboard as well as accessing the Cooliris search interface. That is, full functionality is accounted for.

As any person who has used Cooliris can tell you, the emphasis of that plugin is on imbuing the whole process with an intuitive feeling. This certainly applies to this site, and if you are enamoured with Flickr then pointing your browser to will certainly do not harm. In Their Own Words

“COOLIRIS + Flickr = The best way to search for images online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any person who is looking for a more elastic Flickr experience will find such a service appealing.

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