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Cookwork.comCookwork is a truly comprehensive site that offers people interested in the culinary world all that they could bargain for. In a certain sense, the site is so thorough that it ends up resembling a collection of sites that are all accessible from the main page.


For example, through the site you can find and download recipes as well as upload your own, and add reviews regarding how accurate the ones you downloaded were. Besides, a “Shopping” section will let you take care of every cuisine-related need right on the spot.

The site also has a “Careers” category that will let those of you who are keen on pursuing a job in the industry accomplish that goal. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a chef or a waitress, that part of the site will turn your aspirations into something within reach

Finally, A “Red Hot News” section is the spot to drop by if you are interested in reading the latest news and pieces of gossip that are directly of indirectly connected with the industry and its key players. In Their Own Words

“The web’s first holistic Chef portal.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite a comprehensive way to get to grips with any aspect of the industry that might appeal to you.

Some Questions About

What does it take to join the site?

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