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CookmateApp.comI should have learned how to cook something in a mildly competent way after all the sites devoted to recipes that I have reviewed, but the truth is that I still have some way to go. But I am making some progresses.

And the iPhone app I have just stumbled upon looks like the kind that could make a difference, frankly. Its name is “Cookmate”, and it provides you with ready guidance and assistance in these times when you have a fridge packed with food but just don’t know what to do with it in order to create a tasty meal.

By default, this app comes with many recipes which are ready to be put into practice, and more can be purchased easily. Besides, Facebook is fully integrated. This means that you will capable of taking culinary knowledge into the social web and benefit from the interactivity that characterizes it.

All in all, this app can effectively stand as a helping hand in your kitchen. I advice you to give the site a good look in order to determine the ways it can help you in person. In Their Own Words

“Ever had a fridge full of food and nothing to eat? Misc items that you’re just not sure how to bring together into a spontaneous and delicious meal? There’s an app for that! And you have found it!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This app makes it easy for anybody to put a realizing meal together with little effort.

Some Questions About

How much do additional recipes retail for? Does the price change from one to the other?