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Convore.comA Y Combinator startup, Convore provides a smooth context in which to have group conversations. Users of Convore are allowed to create chats that can be as public or private as they need them to be, and each of these can deal with multiple topics at the same time.

People who are taking part of a conversation can invite their friends on both Twitter and Facebook to join these rooms, and when it comes to private conversations a moderator will have to authorize the participation of those who want to join in.

One of the best features of Convore is how it lets you see statistical information such as who has received, sent and read the biggest amount of direct messages within any conversation. That is really practical for the simple reason that it will let you find the most committed participants when things get too noisy for comfort, and interact with them until the volume is lowered.

Convore can be used for free. Some paid features are meant to be added in due time, but the basic service (as described above) is remaining usable by just everybody, everywhere. In Their Own Words

Convore is a quick way to instant message with groups of friends in real-time. Join public or private groups and talk about anything!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers a really intuitive interface, and enough options to rival apps like Campfire -aps which are actually paid ones.

Some Questions About

Which features are forthcoming? Which will be paid ones?