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Convoq.comConvoq offers online conferencing tools for businesses. They have a Flash-based suite of tools designed specifically for sales, marketing and training.


Key features include, text chat, screen sharing, PowerPoint, video, and remote desktop control. There are several versions of Convoq’s ASAP available. The SellASAP is focused on sales and Salesforce users; among its features are meeting event capture, leads detection, instant presentation capabilities and MS Outlook integration. ConferenceASAP is geared for marketing and training Webinars while SupportASAP caters to the important role of support services. Finally, there’s MeetASAP for the small business owner. Each edition is available with a flat-fee pricing model. In Their Own Words

“Convoq is an innovative provider of SaaS integrated online meeting and live chat systems for sales, marketing, training, service and support departments. Its ASAP family is a Flash-based suite featuring live chat and web conferencing capabilities including desktop sharing, PowerPoint presentations, remote desktop control, VoIP audio, video, and Record & Playback. The management team has deep software and collaboration experience and has a core competency in integrating real-time communications into the context of hosted web services such as Convoq delivers its software solutions as a subscription-based hosted service, with a flexible, flat-fee pricing model.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Communication is vital to business. The failure of communication results in disaster. Convoq offers scaled solutions to optimize communication. It’s affordable and powerful. These days you cannot afford to be out of the loop. Conferencing tools are vital.

Some Questions About

How does Convoq compare with the myriad of other conferencing solutions? Will they add more management features? How about document and project whiteboards?

Author : Siri Marshall

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