– Internet Solutions For Nonprofit Organizat provides internet tools and professional services in order to help any kind of nonprofitable organization – human and social services, hospitals, higher education, arts and cultural organizations, disaster and international relief, etc.

– attract, motivate and retain constituents for fundraising, advocacy, and any other form of support, including solutions for general and volunteer fundraising, ecommerce, web content management, etc. Furthermore, you can also have access to a comprehensive training program and a management team expert on technology, nonprofit management, online marketing, etc. Its professional team works closely with its client community to share ideas, foster innovation, and as a client you can participate in forums to share practices, discuss products and services, and to obtain insight and feedback from its members. You will also find video testimonials to check out how it worked with other organizations. You can purchase a full suite of products and services or only the one’s that you need. Each suit provides applications, communication tools, and data capabilities. Guides are available for free. Want to become a fusion partner? There are three categories, strategic partner, alliance partner, and associate partner.