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ControlC.comCopy and paste. Copy.


Paste. Copy. Paste— it’s a function so ingrained in our daily lives, it’s hard to imagine a time without control C and control V. It’s not fool proof though. For instance, don’t you hate it when you need to paste a link or an email address but you’ve lost what you’ve copied? If you could’ve just saved that last bit of text to your clipboard, life would have been that much easier. ControlC will help. It’s a new web app that acts as a repository for all things copied. It’s simple. Just register, sign in, start copying, and ControlC will upload whatever text you’ve copied to their server and store it in your own personal account. When you need that text, log in and review, or make them public so you can share with others. You can search public links and star the ones you like. Find people who share similar interests. Make friends. Social interaction is encouraged. In Their Own Words

“What is ControlC? It’s pretty simple actually. Have you ever copied something on a webpage or in an email that you later needed to look at again but couldn’t remember where you saw it?

Have you ever copied a link to a webpage and couldn’t for the life of you remember the link later on?

ControlC fixes that. Anytime you copy textual content, ControlC will upload that text to our server to store under your account. When the text is uploaded, it is encrypted using your password as the key (which we will never have access to). When you need to retrieve the text, or would like to share it with other users, you can login to your account and make the items public, or simply review them for your own needs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ControlC is a convenient tool that combines utility with social networking. It’s an interesting twist that ought to at least attract the curious.

Some Questions About

Can copy and paste networking succeed? Is it a viable idea? Or will people prefer the likes of Facebook at all?


Author : Bruce Turner

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