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Although we may have the best intentions for helping and offering charity for the needed around the world, our daily grind does not allow us to think where we should donate or do some charity work. After all, most of us aren’t Bob Geldof to gather many rock stars and earn millions by recording “Do they know its Christmas?”, nor Michael Jackson to do “We are the world” with the best singers of our country.

But sometimes we are misled to think that if they aren’t big things, we can’t do anything. is here to make us see that small contributions may be the best way of helping when a great number of people get together with the same goal.

What Charityengine does is ask you to offer your computer for charity work, by using a low amount of energy while it is in use. So while you are performing your everyday tasks, whether they are work, entertainment or contact with friends and relatives, you computer will do something in the background which is useful for charity organizations.

The site takes computing jobs and divides them into small amounts of tasks which can be managed by any home computer. Because it stays as a background task your computer won’t be slowed down. Neither will it spend a high amount of energy: according to the site it will be less than 10 cents per day. After the work is done it is sent back to get the pieces together again.

Charity Engine is thankful for your help as well, and proves it by giving out prizes among every subscribed user, so you can even get a nice reward by making this contribution. These prizes are funded by the money earned through the communities contribution, and will make someone lucky every now and then.

However, although your help is welcome, the site prompts you to not leave your computer on while you are not in it. Power saving is also a way of helping us all by taking care of ecology also.

You don’t need to worry for the software installed, which respects your privacy. The “About us” section in the menu gives us details of who are the charity partners, among which you can find Amnesty International or Water Aid.

. In Their Own Words

Charity Engine was created to enable millions of home PCs to raise millions of dollars for the best possible causes, all thanks to spare computing power that nobody is using anyway.

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What sort of prices do they give to the winners?

Author : Charly Zaks

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