ContractZen – How Online Document Management Is Meant To Be

Poke around on many of the online solutions meant to make running a business easier and you’re likely find too many features, not enough features, cumbersome setup, confusing displays, ineffective search, security issues and a wide variety of other disappointments. Beneath promising slogans and shiny packaging you’ll find little of simple, efficient and practical use.


Not so with ContractZen.


ContractZen is a cloud service for digitizing your document management and staying due diligence ready every day.




An electronic signature service for contracts, memos and other documents is just one of the ways that ContractZen makes its value apparent immediately. This eases workflow and makes work more truly mobile. Factor in that ContractZen functions on all devices, and e-signatures give businesses real flexibility.


Metadata-driven document management takes a giant leap forward from traditional folders. ContractZen offers dynamic views of information that are straightforward and tidy. Too often, elaborate systems for organizing files make it harder rather than easier to retrieve information. ContractZen’s powerful search allows users to quickly and easily find files.


Efficiently putting documents to best use is the lifeblood of ContratZen, and the platform has many features devoted to improving circulation. For instance, you can forward an email to ContractZen, where relevant data will be extracted or the document can be turned into a PDF. Drag and drop files into the system for safe storage.


Datarooms (VDR) allow for documents to be safely shared internally and outside the company. Here, ContractZen gives businesses greater peace of mind when sharing financial documents in the case of tax audits, due diligence processes and joint venture negotiations. All contract documents and attachments are encrypted with state of the art security.




Writing in detail about too many features can give the impression that a tool is overloaded to the point of damaging it’s utility. Better to simply say that ContractZen also helps to manage meetings and calendars, and complex company information (i.e. ownership structure, stock shares, board members, contact info, etc.) in addition to managing documents.


All features have been thoughtfully designed “to ease your daily work, reduce costs and speed up your processes.” Explore more of the features offered and learn more about the service at Take advantage of a free 30-day trial period to see if ContractZen is right for your business.


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