Contentmart Emerges As A Leading Marketplace

Web content, business writing, blogs, press releases, whitepapers… the list of current content needs goes on and on, and the volume of writing needed to match those needs continues to increase. How can businesses keep pace on their own? They can’t.


Contentmart is a platform that connects freelance copywriters and editors with content buyers from around the world.


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“We’re seeing an explosion in demand for online content worldwide, yet many companies find it difficult to recruit and retain highly-skilled content producers,” said Contentmart Founder Anton Rublevskyy. “Our mission is to provide writers and businesses with a one-stop solution to earn from and access quality written content on a global scale. It’s complete end-to-end solutions combined with an intuitive, user-friendly experience.”


Having one source to turn to for all your content needs saves considerable time looking for the right services. Having vetted content producers who pass exams to verify their qualifications is another way that Contentmart saves buyers time and energy, since they have a trusted pool of talent that they can confidently approach with new projects.


Automated checks for content originality and a built-in chat messenger for clients and writers to communicate easily are two more standout features of Contentmart that assure high-quality, expedient results.


Launched in 2015, over 50,000 writers and more than 63,000 clients have already registered on Contentmart. The platform has facilitated the completion of over 20,000 projects thus far.


One reason writers are drawn to Contentmart is the low commission fee – registration is free of charge. Contentmart retains 10% of the writer’s total order as opposed to the 40% commission common among other competitors. Direct payment, inclusion in a community of recognized professionals, and the opportunity to work with premier clients such as H&R Block, Unicef, Aviva, and The Economic Times also make Contentmart an attractive marketplace in which to contract work.


Contentmart caters to businesses of all sizes and provides access to comprehensive writing services, including business writing, web page content, articles, blogs, press releases, travelogues, case studies, whitepapers, and academic writing across print, electronic, and digital media platforms.


Also worth noting is the platform’s attentiveness to global content needs. For businesses looking to expand into new markets, Contentmart is actively adding multilingual content writing services and translation services.


“With the constant evolution of technology, maintaining a digital presence is an absolute must for twenty-first century businesses,” said Rublevskyy. “And it’s also directly contributed to major growth in the freelance space. With Contentmart, we’re entering the right market, at the right time, and with a platform that makes bridging the gap between businesses and the freelancing community much simpler and much more value-driven.”


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