– Keeping Your Blog Fresh with A Widget

Conteio.comAs a blogger or site manager, how do you keep your public interested? How do you liven up your blog with cool, interesting, and novel content? To that end you could consider Conteio, a start-up which is changing the way relevant, online substance is found and distributed throughout the web. With the Conteio Contextual (C3) Widget, you bloggers can keep things new and snappy, as Conteio delivers your readers contextually pertinent up-to-the-minute content.

The service uses information retrieval algorithms whose aim is to find, associate, and process content and then deliver it to your site. They’ve got a large and growing index of sources from through out the internet which are scanned and aggregated to your blog in real time as users are reading. The new content will show up as box on the side of your site; relate articles are aggregated there. The Conteio widget is absolutely free. In Their Own Words

“Conteio takes a holistic approach to finding similarity and relevancy among web documents. At the center of the conteio system lies a content association and processing engine that enables us to quickly analyse large document corpora. This modern and high-performance platform enables Conteio to processes large numbers of documents to accurately deliver related content.

Using our technology the entire English Wikipedia (~2M articles) can be processed and become ready to query in less than 30 minutes using a single commodity computer (2.13Ghz Core2Duo 4GB RAM). Conteio technology is powered by JAVA.

Our platform utilizes an advanced and intelligently designed dynamically scalable indexing algorithm. The algorithm, when coupled with a self-tuning system design allows Conteio to quickly build a detailed index expandable in real time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Keeping your readers interested is always a factor in blogging. Most bloggers crave an audience, however writing updates can be time consuming and tiring. With Conteio, bloggers et. al. can add new content to their site simply by attaching a widget. All the legwork is in the algorithms.

Some Questions About

How relevant are Conteio’s results? How many sites do they index and how do they decide which ones get attention? What’s the business plan?