Contactually Keeps You In Contact With Your Contacts

Zvi Band, the co-founder of Contactually, understands the value of contacts. Band knows when and how frequent to contact his contacts. Do you? It’s a skill one must learn in the world of entrepreneurship. How frequent should you contact a contact and who do you contact?



When To Contact Your Contacts


The top users of your site should be contacted every 15 days. These are the people who enjoy visiting your site on a regular basis. When you do contact these users, ask them how the site is working for them. Update them on recent changes to the site. Even thank them for visiting the site. Continue a genuine relationship with them.



Your business partners can be contacted every 30 days or so. Meet up for lunch, talk about deals and chat about the future of the company. Check to see if everyone is on the same page.

A Sale Is One Call Away


Sales are obviously vital to your company. So check on sales leads every ten days. You definitely do not want to lose a sale, so stay relevant with potential leads. Likewise, investors investing in your startup would like to know how your company is doing. Call investors every 15 days. Future investors should also be contacted every 30 days. In contrast, potential investors, the ones who are wondering if they should invest in you, need to be contacted every seven days. Give them updates about the company and answer any questions they have. Building a good rapport with all potential investors is great for business.



As a startup company you will need feedback about the progress of your company. Advisors are there to provide this service. Every 30 days you should contact your advisor, asking them how they feel the company is shaping up.


Individuals who you are trying to recruit or who you plan to add to your team can be contacted every seven days. Show that you have interest in them and they too can ask questions about the company. Again building a solid connection.

Call To Say Hello


Lastly keep in contact with your entrepreneur buddies. Ask them how their companies are doing. Your business buds are there to give you sound advice that could help you out in the long run.



Zvi Band’s Contactually, helps entrepreneurs to keep in touch with all of their contacts. Contactually is a service that merges email contacts and informs users about the last time a contact was checked on. Entrepreneurs are able to catalog their contacts and keep them in order, without having to sift through a massive pile of business cards.

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