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ContactMail.meCan you cast your mind back to the days of old webmail, in which interfaces where completely basic and you were seriously limited in terms of storage capacity? Because this site is going to take you straight back there. And if that sounds a bit like a damning introduction, then I am afraid that is because it is.

Contact Mail Me is a service that belongs to a bygone age. It is a webmail solution that has a truly rudimentary interface (which is good if you want to keep things really basic, but Hotmail and Yahoo already do that while not looking like something out of a museum), and the service is wrapped by some tools like a calendar and a virtual HD. This virtual HD is probably the most egregious thing about the whole service, being limited to no more than 15 MB.

Of course, all that is provided at no cost. Like anybody was willing to pay for something like this… In Their Own Words

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Why It Might Be A Killer

Sadly, there is nothing complimentary that could be said about this site.

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Who is going to go for this, exactly?