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ConsultADr.comConsult a Doctor provides members with the ability to speak to a physician via a telephone medical consultation within minutes (Tele-Consult) or by secure e-mail medical consultation (E-Consult) 24/7/365. They offer convenient, affordable access to quality healthcare to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.


Not only do they provide two ways to communicate with licensed physicians but also provide people Health Care Management System a (Health Care Design Support System) service that will educate and provide the means for patients to make an informed decision regarding their health and treatment. Using PHM (Personal Health Management) members can add, manage, store, and send their medical records electronically. Members can track their health progress and use innovative tools to learn more about their conditions, treatments, and preventative measures all from the comfort of home. They believe that physician-provided health information economically given through their Tele-Consult and E-Consult is fundamental to the decline of health care expenses. This site can be used as the perfect complimentary service for those who may or may not have health insurance and those who wish to seek medical attention and cannot afford to take time off of work to see a doctor. In Their Own Words

“Avoid unnecessary trips to the Doctor and ER. Our commitment is to improve your quality of life by providing superior access healthcare through the use of compliment modern telemedicine technologies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the cost of rising healthcare and the continued increase in the amount of uninsured Americans (50 million), Consult A Doctor offers consumers with a valued service that will allow them to see a doctor at their convenience.. Consult A Doctor should not be used to replace your primary care physician but to be used as a complimentary service. If you are uninsured or do not have a doctor, this is a great alternative. Our tools and services can aid in avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor or emergency room. In fact, studies have shown that 70% of visits to a doctor’s office or emergency room are unnecessary. Consult a Doctor makes the doctor available to talk to you at any time avoiding delays and saving you valuable time and money without sacrificing the quality of care.

Some Questions About

Can people really trust on this service and on the doctors they provide?

Author : Liam Gray

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