– Turning Text Messages Into Contact Cards

Connectme.ccA practical service and no mistakng, Connect Me lets you send contact cards in the shape of SMSes

This is accomplished by submitting all the information that such cards include just once, and then texting the Connect Me phone number with the number of the recipient. The company will take the information you had submitted at the beginning, and present it to the recipient in the shape of a contact card.

Note that it is actually possible to submit the email of the recipient instead of his phone number. It is all the same: he will get your contact information right away. And if you only have the handle he uses on Twitter, then you can supply that too.

So, your chances of putting your name across to that big fish you have always been after are more than doubled here. You must have at least his Twitter username. Making the connection is really simple now that we have a service like Connect Me around. In Their Own Words

Send your business card with one text.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If this is not the easiest way to share your contact info while you are on the go, then it must come pretty close.

Some Questions About

In which ways can this be further improved?