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Connectbeam.comEver feel like you waste half your day scouring aimlessly for information? Is it dragging your production down the tubes? With Connectbeam, all of the information within the company can be accessed from any computer to ensure that countless hours aren’t wasted doing exactly this. Connectbeam utilizes the technology that made other social networking sites prosperous and is transforming it to work in the context of business.


The site is testimonial rich from well know computer magazines and was listed in InformationWeek as one of 5 Enterprise 2.0 startups to watch. Connectbeam is privately held and venture backed. In Their Own Words

The company has received attention from the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and many other blogs, and Gartner and other analyst firms.
Connectbeam brings the ‘Web 2.0’ information-sharing, collaboration, and ease of use of sites like MySpace and to the daily work-flow of enterprise employees. It helps companies boost innovation, improve decisions, intensify collaboration, and build critical stakeholder relationships.

Connectbeam was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the enterprise software market. The company is venture backed and privately held.

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the popularity of all of the social bookmarking websites it makes total sense for a company to bring this technology into the business realm. It was also be easy to step on the platform of these sites and eliminate some of the usual startup problems of a brand new business without another company blazing the trail.

Some Questions About

Connectbeam would have to get a very sizeable amount of business before turning a good profit, are enough companies ready for a program like this to be successful?


Author : Irene Davids

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