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Concharto.comI am tempted to say that endeavors like this one represent everything that is undeniably good about the Internet. After all, what better use could somebody find that putting up an online source of information that can be accessed by everybody at no cost, and which is open for everybody to edit and make better for the benefit of others?

In this specific case, you can access and modify an atlas of history and happenings spanning the whole globe.

In other words, it is a geographic wiki. Its main page features a navigation menu that will let you have immediate access to the most recent additions to Concharto, whereas a tour which highlights how the system works can be taken anytime for illustrative purposes.

For its part, events can be added to the featured map in the most direct of ways, as an “Add to the Map” quick link is provided. A search tool is also included, and it enables the user to supply “Where”, “When” and “What” parameters in order to look historical events up. In Their Own Words

“An encyclopedic atlas of history and happenings that anyone can edit.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a ready source of free and reliable information.

Some Questions About

In which aspects does this better Wikipedia, and in which aspects does it lag behind?