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ComplainApp.comAs a customer, you have the inalienable right to make your voice be heard when any company gives you a raw deal. And you know that your complaint will be far more effective if you manage to team up with other consumers that are also in a comparable situation, and who have as many reasons as you do to feel they have been treated unprofessionally. The question is, how do you come across such people? Well, this new mobile application answers that question marvelously.


ComplainApp lets consumers not only sound off whenever anything unpleasant has happened to them, but also gang up in order to make their voices sound much louder, and their presence become noticed that much easier.

Those who get the app (currently available for iPhone) are enabled to single these venues providing an unsatisfactory service, and make their discontent public by posting it on for other users of the site to read.

Other users of the site, and also the companies in question. The idea is to give them a chance to explain why things turned so distressing in the first place. So, this is an application that plays more than a merely cathartic role – it can actually bring disgruntled customers and companies closer, and start working on anything that might need some patching up. In Their Own Words

Complain App helps you submit complaints to businesses instantly – and find people with similar complaints.

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What about the language that can be used? What is allowed, and what is forbidden?

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