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CommuTweet.comAt its heart, CommuTweet is a Twitter-related application that enables anybody to post and find tweets appertaining to his or her daily commute. This include not only road accidents but also delays in subways and trains.

This way, vital information can be procured and acted upon. As they say on the site, “Our goal is to provide real time information to commuters by using community’s power”.

As a service, it is rendered free of charge. All that the user has to do is sign in using his Twitter particulars, enter his method of commute and the location, and then the relevant tweets will be produced for him or her to peruse.

Currently CommuTweet is only available in the United States but the programmers told me it is going to be available in more countries as soon as possible. Let’s see how that evolves, and which territories are covered next as it is a truly useful service. For the time being, US residents can reach out the site at the provided address, and keep it in mind for ulterior reference at all times. In Their Own Words

“CommuTweet is a twitter application that lets you post and get tweets about your daily commute such as delays and other critical information. CommuTweet is a great new way to share important information with other commuters. It is a free service and all you need is a twitter account to get started. If you do not have a twitter account, you could get one free from twitter web site. Currently CommuTweet is only available in United States but it is going to be available in more countries soon.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is specially suited to transmitting information that changes by the second, and when the information is as pivotal as this one the programmers have got a good thing going indeed.

Some Questions About

Which are the first territories to be added to the list of supported ones?

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