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CommuterFeed.comMurphy’s Law indicates that whenever you are in a hurry and have two possible roads to get to your destination, you’ll always choose the highway that has a traffic jam worthy of a Guinness-records entry. As per the release of CommuterFeed.


com, Murphy’s Law will continue to apply to toast and butter, and allow the freely and comfortable movements of bodies across urban landscape. is a free traffic alerts service based on twitter which allows users to alert other subscribers of the same channel to know about traffic jams, delays, detours and other such nuisances. In order to send alerts, users have to know what their local airport’s IATA code is (3-letter codes like JFK, MIA, ORD), and send a message to the twitter user ‘commuter’ using the IATA code followed by a one-sentence description of the traffic event. Users can receive as many alerts as they like by subscribing to each local feeds page via twitter. The service is available worldwide, as all you need is to have an airport nearby. In Their Own Words

“Commuter Feed is a free service that lets you post reports on traffic and transit delays in your local area using Twitter”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is just a great and convenient service, which unlike other social network-based feeds services, has the incentive of concrete collective profit at its base, and thus a good chance of succeeding at becoming the next killer startup.

Some Questions About

When browsing feeds provided by this site, I found that the amount and usefulness of information is not standard, because some people’s feeds are very clear, whereas others’ are so codified you don’t even understand what they are saying. If is going to become an essential service, it should strongly consider asking its users to submit feeds in a similarly comprehensively format. Will they?

Author : Caroline Bright

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