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“Commutal is a new application of existing ideas with our own dose of innovation. It combines the power of social networks with the functionality of an organization”s media room. Seems like an odd combination? We thought so.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Commutal offers businesses an innovative tool to share news and to connect with audiences. Their media room functions as an interactive poster for the company as it encourages sharing and reciprocity. It enables local organizations to set up business contacts and partnerships which might otherwise be hard to coordinate. Small and medium sized businesses are sure to benefit from the Commutal´s flexibility.

Some Questions About

Commutal will only work if enough groups are signed up and tuned in, otherwise businesses will be paying for a press/networking outlet that´s not targeting a large enough audience. Furthermore, the look and style of commutal, while in line with the rigors of business could still be fresher, less rigid.