– Connecting Local Communities

Communr.comGranted – the Internet might damage local communities, and make people focus their time and energy somewhere other than where they actually live. But in the same way that the Internet can make people become sort of dissipated, it can also bring them back on track. This new site is all the proof we could ever need. It goes by the name of Communr, and it basically enables all the people who live somewhere get to know all that is taking place there. And based on their traits, it can connect them with those they share interests with first. Of course, it can also connect them with every other person/place right where they live such as churches, schools and restaurants.

The ultimate aim of the site is to let people create groups for the betterment of their local communities. Which shouldn’t be that hard to do – it gets the trickiest part done easily. It can connect people in a breeze, and in a meaningful way at that. It couldn’t be that hard at all for people to start focusing their efforts on making their local communities much better nicer places for everybody. In Their Own Words

Connecting You With Your Community.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site goes into ensuring technology will unite local communities, and not drive a wedge between them.

Some Questions About

In which communities has this platform been successfully deployed?