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A financial institution that is based in upstate New York (more specifically in DeWitt), Community Bank, N.A. is the second-largest commercial banking franchise in that part of the United States. And its website ( is the perfect place to read the full history of this bank, from its inception in 1866 to its recent acquisition   by the Community Bank System, Inc (CBSI). And also, to learn of all the services that are available to its current members.


The CBNA offers three categories of financial services, and these can all be accessed on this site: “Personal Banking”, “Business Banking” and “Government Banking”.  They are part of the menu you get on the homepage, along with three more that are “Financial Services”, “Current Rates” and “Kids’ Corner”.

On the whole, these let you do everything from opening an account that’s completely suited to your financial situation and needs, to applying for a loan or a mortgage. And then, refinance it if your financial situation takes a turn for the worse.

Likewise, it’s very easy to order checks when you’ve run out of them, and to buy both CDs and IRAs.
also includes information such as the bank’s opening hours, and the latest stock prices. And job seekers will be able to check all the open positions that are available on this part of the site.

Author : Mery Fisher

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