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CommuniDraw.comCommuniDraw is a platform for collective drawing. If you give this site a try you will become part of a process whereby a person draws something for a set amount of time, and then another picks up where he has left. This goes on for a while, until the drawing becomes locked and nobody else is allowed to make any further changes. The image will there and then become displayed on the site for all who contributed to see what the image they either created or helped shape ended looking like. And the image will also be viewable by any person who comes across the site, obviously.

Each person who becomes involved gets 30 seconds to add something to the drawing, and the picture will be definitely locked after 20 people have contributed. So, the whole picture will take 10 minutes to be completed.

I do like the idea behind CommuniDraw, if only because it champions a truly involving approach to art. The only question I have, now, is how long it would take for the site to have a steady flow of visitors to be truly operational at all times. I guess that the sooner integration with Facebook is added then the sooner it will take off. In Their Own Words

A site for community drawn images.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fun way to create collective works of art – everything moves fast-enough to prevent boredom from settling in.

Some Questions About

How will this site evolve beyond its current stage?

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