Commons: Find More Of Everything You Love Online, Without Google

Today’s Killer Startup: Commons


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Elevator Pitch:

Commons instantly connects like-minded people to help them discover more things like songs, movies, restaurants, or places to travel.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

One of the awesome things about the internet today is how much amazing information is out there. However, finding all of those amazing things is still surprisingly hard. Google has taken the lead as the major search engine but how many of you ever click past the first page?


The numbers are all over the place, depending on whose study you look at, but the general consensus is that a very small portion of us ever look beyond those first ten search results. And when you factor in clicking? Forget about it.


However, you know that there are thousands – potentially hundreds of thousands, even – of websites out there that have amazing things on them that you’d love to know about. The thing you don’t know? How to find them.


That’s where Commons comes in.


Commons is an app (available on Google Play, no iOS version yet) that connects interested people with interested people online. Take, for example, that one guy – let’s call him Mark – that all his friends know has the best Spotify playlists. He’s kicking ass as a collector of music but no one outside of his Facebook friends has ever heard of him.


With Commons, anyone around the world can put in their musical interests (and other interests, but lets focus on music for the moment), connect up the services they use (like Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) and discover Mark’s music collections.


Take that, Google! We just worked around your search result monopoly.


The Commons search engine works for a whole range of things that people are into and searching for online. If you’re ready for a new kind of content discovery, download Commons for Android here.



F you, Google, and your search result monopoly! @hellocommons is a new kind of search engine. #discovermore


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