KillerStartups – Social Blogging

Commongate.comCommon Gate is an open network of theme-based communities, called “gates”, where people can create connections and share interesting content with friends, family and colleagues. These “gates” allow the posts to be categorized logically and for people to belong to any or all of the communities in this network, simply and easily.

People all have a lot of interests, so Common Gate allows them to explore, create and organize all those interests and connections in one place. It is called Social Blogging, because Common Gate uses blogging technology in a communal way. Where most blogs come from one author or voice, the blog based communities in Common Gate contain posts from any of the members, a communal voice. You do not have to be a member to vote on, send, comment, read or view posts anywhere in Common Gate. However you do have to be a member in order to join gates, create a profile, start a gate, upload photos, make posts and keep a calendar. Registration is free and only will take a few seconds.

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