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Commentag.comCommentag is a WordPress plugin which allows blog commenters to tag their own comments. It doesn’t replace existing comment structures, but rather enhances them by giving users an easy way to search for and filter comments.

Tags are stored on Commentag’s servers—comments remain on your own database. Commentag forms a tag cloud in your comments section so that you and your readers can get a quick glance of main topics of discussion. Whenever a user tags a comment, the following commenter is presented with a suggestionbox of tags, making it easier for both commenter and reader to organize and find content. Also, if a user were to click on one particular tag all others would fade out, so the user could find out how many comments are headed under that tag. In Their Own Words

“With Commentag, your visitors can easily tag their own comments and keep them sorted
Commentag does not steal your comments. They are always stored in your database.
Commentag does not touch your current commenting system. You can peacefully Activate/Deactivate Commentag. You will never loose any comments.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Commentag offers an intuitive and simple filtering and organizing system to WordPress blogs. The tags are especially helpful for blogs which receive lots of feedback; it makes it easier for readers to read the comments they’re interested in without having to wade through everything else.

Some Questions About

Tagging can be tricky—if users tag their comments under disparate headings Commentag won’t be as practical for organization. Will this be available for other blogging platforms?

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