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columbusjobs.comIn you are able to seek for the job you need.

Just by signing in you are able to fill in some personalized spaces with your information and requires for the job you are looking for, like your country, your state, the category of the job and some more specific details. This site offers you an international search. In addition you have a special area where you can read some the highly popular résumé column from The Columbus Dispatch, where you can find all kind of tips and read about general inquiries about it. Also this site has a section for the enterprises that look for employees. Providing the same system but all the way round, by signing in you can get a whole list of people that look for jobs and with all their details. The site offers a special section where it posts some of the “hot jobs” for you to enter directly for the most wanted jobs. In Their Own Words

“Post your job now! It works!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site targets a very popular subject as the search for a job that’s why many people will feel attracted to this site. It provides all the necessary information for you to seek for a job and for employers to hire employees. The site is very accessible and simple to use and it doesn’t give unnecessary policies and information, if not that it is very concrete and it goes directly to the point.

Some Questions About

Will users trust in your service? The service covers a very wide zone, as it is international it fulfills a lot of countries with it is service, is that a positive factor or takes out the confidence of the user?