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Colnect.comA visit to the Colnect website is the order of the day for serious collectors out there. The site is a gathering point for those who collect mass produced collectibles which intends to revolutionize the world of collecting by allowing users to create an online catalog.

This catalog is implemented as a wiki that is conformed by contributions from the users.

The idea behind the site is to create an alternative to printed catalogs that could put the versatility of the Internet to good use. As a result, the Colnect website is structured as a database that can be browsed through by clicking on the relevant item from the main page. These include coins, phonecards and stamps. Featured collectors are likewise highlighted, and you can become one by signing up. This process is inexpensive, and once you have registered you can share your collection online with others.

Lastly, another aspect that has to be mentioned is that the site is available in a plethora of languages including English, French, Japanese and Spanish to name just a few. In Their Own Words

“Colnect (collect + connect ==> Colnect) is a comprehensive online solution for collectors of mass produced collectibles (stamps, coins, phonecards and so many more) revolutionizing the collecting experience by providing online Personal Collection management within a designated community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives the many collectors everywhere a chance to connect efficiently.

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How often is the site updated?

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