Collegic Nav – Get Around College Campuses Quickly And Safely

There’s so much to learn in college – maybe nothing so important as how to find your way around campus!




Navigating between buildings and classes, in some cases across bustling cities, when you’ve just entered into an entirely new world and you’re on your own, is stressful to say the least.


But it doesn’t have to be. Students can take one new thing that they need to learn off of their adjusting to college life list by downloading Collegic Nav, a mobile app designed to make navigating around schools safe and easy.


Collegic Nav comes loaded with a university’s destinations so that students can quickly search campus names. This includes residential buildings, administrative buildings, dining halls, libraries, sports complexes, labs, off-campus housing, emergency service buildings, post offices, etc. If it’s part of the higher education experience, it’s listed on Collegic Nav.


Once a destination is keyed in, Collegic Nav tells you the distance between your current location and destination, and your estimated time of travel. (If you’ve ever used Google Maps, the navigation will feel familiar.)


And the app guides you to your destination! As in, you receive step-by-step directions along the easiest route. Never lose your way again. Users can save frequently visited places to “My Saved Places” to cut down on the time it takes to input information and always find their way to important spots.


Collegic Nav also displays blue light phone boxes on campuses, so students keep safety in mind. As an added protection feature, a tap helps students quickly locate nearby boxes.




Along their pathways, Collegic Nav also highlights restaurants, coffee shops, and other locations of interest to students.


Basically, Collegic Nav is a convenient tool that helps students, teachers, staff, parents and visitors find their way around colleges. No more getting lost on campus. And, sorry students, fewer excuses for arriving late to class or a testing center!


The startup is busily adding campuses each day. Visit to learn more about the app and to find details about the colleges that interest you. Download Collegic Nav from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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