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CollegiateNation.comFacebook alternatives are the order of the day, really, with sites like Diaspora making headlines every couple of days. In the case of Collegiate Network, the emphasis has been placed on tackling not just the privacy issue that is on everybody’s lips right now – it also intends to stand as a platform which gives absolute control to its users, and that is free from advertisements of any kind.

Collegiate Network does not exactly compete with Facebook on a one-to-one basis in the sense that it is not open to anybody – as its name implies, only students can use it. But the site is still interesting on a broad level, as it takes the exactly opposite stance to what Facebook has done in terms of handling its users’ data, and the way that their interactions are defined.

Those who sign up for this networking site must necessarily submit an @edu address, and they must be between 18 and 30 years of age. No professors or faculty staff are allowed. And as it was mentioned above, students have complete control over who sees what. They can make a post visible to just one friend if that is what they want. This flies straight in Facebook’s face, of course. But I have to say it again – this is not a threat to Facebook in a direct sense. Only people in the US can join, and they must be college students at that. It does undermine Facebook in a more indirect way, though, by showcasing how insensitive it is being when it comes to handling the data of its members. In Their Own Words

“The student-exclusive superpower.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

College students in the US will find it notably more enticing than Facebook, if only because it reverses Facebook’s privacy paradigm. And people located elsewhere will have a lot to think about regarding its overall approach to networking.

Some Questions About

Will sites like this one begin cropping up in other countries?

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