– Post College Classifieds is like Craigslist for the dorm and collegiate population. On this site, students from all over the United States can list these items they no longer need such as textbooks and clothes, and have them bought by people who are attending the very same schools they are attending.

This is advantageous in more senses than one. For starters, users of the site are avoiding the hassle of having to filter results by location. On this site, they simply choose the school they are attending and then everything becomes localized.

And a service like this one also lets users find items which are relevant to them far more directly. Again – it is a matter of having to do less and less manual filtering. Since what is being sold comes from people like them (IE, other students) then everything becomes more streamlined. And the site is all the better for that in the end. In Their Own Words

Looking for used books, furniture, or maybe a bike to get to class? Created for and by college students, College Post is the best online classified ads source for all your dorm and collegiate needs. We value simplicity and a user friendly format that allows students to easily buy, sell, and trade goods with other students at their university.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the exact equivalent of Craigslist for college students – a demographic which is anything but insignificant.

Some Questions About

Can you pay to have your listing featured more prominently on the site?