search cancel – What Facebook Used to Be is what Facebook used to be, before it opened up to everyone and became a vaguely smarter version of Myspace.


At College entrance is limited to solely .edu email addresses. As such, this social network contains more than just conversation boards and party listings, it also has got a robust academic section where students can post class notes, rate profs, and create study guides. Students can also manage their schedules with the College calendar, which fully integrates with the academic events section. Other features all uni kids surely need include wake-up calls that go to real live phones, dating compatibility tests, classified ads and professor bios. The regular social network goodies—blogs, profiles, photos, groups and videos—are all there too. In Their Own Words

“ is an interactive online community for college undergrads, graduate students, and new alums. It integrates all of the things that are important to college students, both social and academic. By focusing on the college population and creating features that are fun and valuable, is easily the fastest growing site on the net for college students.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

College is filling in that gap left by Facebook. It’s got all the accoutrements of a good college oriented network, combined with the stuff that makes social networking fun. is feature rich—it has everything from birthday reminders, weather updates, and news stories to note sharing and project collaboration. The site launched with a hardy 30,000 college kids and it continues to grow.

Some Questions About

How is it going to keep up and sustain the post-grad bunch—the alumni? What functions will they throw in for those out of college? Will end up like Facebook?

Author : Siri Marshall

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