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collectZing.comCollectors, both casual and obsessive, have been using the Internet to locate items for their collections with relative success, however they have been lacking an organized online community for their hobby. Now, collectZing.


com offers collectors a great site where they can create and organize collectibles with important information and also connect with other collectors. Creating and managing collections is made easy on and only requires uploading images, writing descriptions and clicking to add them to a specific collection. Finding other people who collect similar items is easy to do with a collector search and from those results friendships and business partnerships can be built. If there happens to be a lot of people who share a common interest they can create a Collector Club and use the chat forums for group discussions. Each individual member has their own profile including information, collections and friends as well as “My Up for Trade” collection and “My Wish List” collection. These lists are key to advancing personal collections as well as finding out what’s on the market. In Their Own Words

“collectZing benefits all types of collectors – new collectors can learn from more experienced ones, join the community and make long-term friendships, and easily maintain a catalog of all their new purchases and finds. More obsessive collectors can benefit from the detailed object descriptions, which can be used to maintain financial and insurance information, track loans, trades and sale information.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Connecting collectors around the globe is a brilliant idea, considering that the nature of collecting is that it is a challenge to find coveted objects. This site gives collectors a great base to search and a chance to make friends with collectors sharing their interest. For example, a man in Washington, DC collects Burmese opium weights has few resources in the United States. With he now has unlimited reach in the world and the opportunity to connect with vendors and knowledgeable sources to build his collection.

Some Questions About

Could the site include a professional appraiser?

Author : Bruce Turner

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