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CollectiveIntellect.comCollectiveIntellect tracks what’s going on around the internet. The service is squarely aimed at marketers who need to stay on top of trends while at the same time staying in tune with the collective interests of selective niche markets.


CollectiveIntellect allows marketers to assess the performance of their own branding campaigns, keeping them up to date on the latest buzz circulating their brand. Discussions on social networks, message boards, forums and blogs are constantly monitored in real-time. Information is filtered and easy to understand reports are assembled, with data ranked by influence, sentiment and popularity among other things. The service is also geared for the finance market with its filtering, market related content analysis tools. Investors can get the inside word on which bloggers to listen to and what news items are most important. CollectiveIntellect streamlines the research process, giving users only the most useful news. In Their Own Words

“Collective Intellect is the only real-time provider of data on social media. We provide you actionable, data-driven intelligence on the impact of user-generated content across blogs, social networks and message boards, as well as traditional media.

Social media is now a mainstream phenomenon in which critical word-of-mouth moves quickly and virally. Knowing who is saying what about stocks, brands, campaigns or businesses online is now crucial intelligence.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Publicists, market researchers, investors, content producers and PR professionals all need to know what’s going on in the online world. CollectiveIntellect provides that information in convenient and easy to read reports. It saves research time, filtering out the noise to provide only the most useful stories and updates. Thus professionals can assess their campaigns, gage user reactions and tailor their ads to better fit their market.

Some Questions About

How in depth does the company’s reporting go? How does it rate in comparison to the competition?

Author : Siri Marshall

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