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Collectionbuddy.comA visit to the CollectionBuddy website is the order of the day for collectors the world over. In general terms, the site enables these individuals to share the items that make up their collections online.

The site’s tagline is “Collect It, Catalog It, Share It”, and this is an apt definition itself of the services you will come across if you decide to drop by the CollectionBuddy site. There are three main sections which can be accessed from the main page, and these are named after the abovementioned tagline. To begin with, the section entitled “Collect It” acts as a database which highlights the items that make up a specific collection. The aim of this part of the website is to create a master catalog so that people can quickly realize if they are missing any (obscure) items in their collections. On the other hand, the section named “Catalog It” allows users to manage their existing collection inventories, and see both the items they own and the items they are missing. Finally, the “Share It” subsection makes for live interaction with like-minded individuals in order to share and exchange resources and knowledge online.

As a conclusion, the site offers a practical way for collectors to share information online appertaining their treasured possessions. As such, it is well worth a look if you fall into that category. In Their Own Words

“Help build the world’s largest online catalog of collectibles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is going to be of interest to collectors spanning the whole globe. They are going to relish interacting with collectors which are based in other countries.

Some Questions About

Can items be purchased through the website? If not, is this option going to be implemented in the near future?