Collectabl – Capsule Wardrobes Make Dressing Fashionably Very Easy

In today’s fast-paced world, having the time to think about clothing is a luxury – one that very few people can afford. Which makes getting dressed each day a problem for almost everyone. Unless your willing to wear the same thing all the time a la Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, you’ve got to figure out what to wear on top of making all the other decisions swirling around in your overloaded brain.


But what if it were possible to eliminate the thinking and effort involved in selecting clothing while being able to wear stylish, changing outfits?


Collectabl. Collectabl is a clothing retail company that sells wardrobe capsules, which contain everything a woman needs to dress for an entire season, including a guide to every outfit combination in the collection.


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“No more searching for the key pieces and wondering what to wear.” With the help of professional stylists, the Collectabl team “curates and creates seasonal wardrobes for the woman who wants to look effortlessly fashionable.”


This is a smart wardrobe solution for many reasons. For starters, it reduces the search to stock the closet to just one purchase. A capsule supplies women with complete, multiple piece outfits – so individual items can be interchanged and used repeatedly, while still providing a fresh look.


The company will initially offer The Basic Collection (covering essential items: LBD, jean jacket, white tee, e.g.), The Fall Collection, and The Accessory Collection. Capsules will build upon one another or compliment each other. Instead of outfits turning into clutter and then starting from scratch over and over again, your wardrobe will expand and diversify. You can start with a minimal approach and add as you feel necessary.


Unlike a subscription service, there are no surprises with Collectabl. You know what you’re buying beforehand. And the collection stays yours. You don’t have any hassles to deal with such as shipping back items to receive replacement items. Remember, the aim is to keep life simple. Clothing has been selected with versatility and seasonal essentials in mind, so that you can go from the closet to the front door with minimal effort.




It’s quite the achievement to put figuring out what to wear on autopilot AND to keep the wardrobe exciting. Collectabl’s capsules have been thoughtfully designed. Where’s the rule that says looking great must entail hard work? Nowhere. Nowhere in sight.


For more details and a closer look at the clothing, check out the Collectabl website and their social media. Subscribe to the email list at to stay up to date on the first capsule launch scheduled for August 1st. And sign up quickly, as the first 100 subscribers will receive a free shipping code to use on their first order.


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