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Collecta.comAs you already know the number of streams from Twitter, Facebook, as well as blogs, Flickr, and many other sites is increasing on a daily basis. There are many websites you can visit in order to know what people think about many topics and Collecta is a new solution you can used to do that and more.

This is a new website where you will be allowed to get real-time information about many topics in a simple way. On this site you will have the chance to find results that are directly coming from Twitter, and other websites with news feeds, and blog posts, in addition to a wide variety of comments, etc. If you want to share a great amount of Flickr photos, as well as comments on them, this is going to be an interesting site for you.

You can check this site from your iPhone and you will always going to get fresh results and if you click on them in order to the entire comment or feed right away. This is a solution that was created to provide you with the chance to get the latest posts about stories, and updates, in addition to photos in a simple way.

As you may imagine, the huge flow of information received by this solution determine that the search results you get will be updated as soon as Collecta receives new information.

Collecta gives you a real time stream about what is happening right now on the internet. People communicate and you want to know what is going on with their posts as soon as they send them and Coleecta gives you that service. In addition to the many results you will get from the internet, Collecta allows you to make an accurate search so you receive the posts about the topics you are interested in and no more than that.

All the results will be ordered in different ways such as an authority ranking. This solution will have a number of different filtering options in the near future. Does this sound interesting to you? Visit this site at In Their Own Words

“Collecta is not like other search engines. Instead of finding old stuff, we look for mentions of your search term happening right now”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting solution that will be very effective for people that want to get all the posts and comments from massive sites like Twitter, and Facebook, as well as from popular blogs, and other websites like Flickr all in one place.

Some Questions About

When are the site’s filters going to be enhanced? Is this site going to be the next giant?