Collect Now Helps Small Businesses Stamp Overdue Invoices “Paid”

Wow, there’s a lot of people that don’t pay.


By tally of the debt market on the Collect Now website, 28M small businesses collect $12B in debt per year. That’s a lot of overdue/unpaid invoices. And a lot of headache for small business owners.


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Sending reminders, follow-up phone calls, threats, arguments… Who needs the hassles? Chasing after money that should already be in the bank saps energy and resources.


Collect Now makes life easier for small business owners that need to collect owed money. It’s an “an online networking system designed to help businesses find and hire local attorneys for invoice collection and accounts receivable recovery.”


It’s a beautifully uncomplicated system, too. Business owners post claims for overdue invoices, lawyers then place bids on the claims, and business owners choose which firm they’d like to work with. This arrangement spares owners the added worry of wondering how much an attorney’s help will cost or if they’re hiring motivated help. Price is determined beforehand, and clearly the firm that goes to the trouble of bidding on a claim has talent that is eager to provide help.


Of course, attorneys win also by having direct access to client leads in the massive debt collection market. Similar to other freelance boards, they can take on as much work as they can handle and name their fee. Wins all around.


Amazing how the mere mention of an attorney is often enough to spur action, isn’t it? Well, Collect Now gives businesses the missing leverage they need to recover funds and then some. Business owners gain professional help to handle the often messy process of collecting money owed. They get to stay focused on taking care of customers and growing business, and leave collection and recovery to those better equipped to do so.


Currently membership sign-up is free for attorneys nationwide. So, if you’re at a loss as to how you can make that stack of unpaid invoices go away or you’re a local attorney that can help small business owners collect debts, now you have a convenient marketplace where you can meet. Visit for more details.


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