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Collages.netIf you are looking forward to provide clients with customized ecommerce websites and commercial DVD slide show presentations of differents events such as weddings, sports events, special events, reunions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate parties etc, is the best place to do so.


It was designed to help and provide professional photogaphers with total workflow solutions. You will be able to sell photographs online as well as to market your studio. The site provides you with collages Desktop in order to help you expedite the online posting process, making uploading, posting, reprint orders, and ordering additional products. It also features collages’ Color, partnered with a professional color lab, to make the whole process easier. A sample site is provided in order to see what’s on it. You can sign up for free and all prices are given for the different products. You will also find albums, high-end cards, gallery wraps, proof books, full service color lab, studio marketing, etc. You can also have access to its community site in order to take advantage of its professional tips, see their testimonials, etc.

Author : Caroline Bright

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