– Multilingual Project Management

collabtive.o-dyn.deThe German Collabtive is an online project management platform. It’s Open source and free to download.

Logistically it works similar to other project management apps out there. It helps you form a group, keep track of changes, and delegate tasks. Main features include projects, milestones, tasklists and tasks. It’s got multiple language support and you can even upload your own. Users can also upload their own customized themes. It’s incredibly simple to install and there are no additional reqs. Currently version 0.2.5 is available for download. You’ll need PHP 5 or higher, Apache and MySQL to download it. In Their Own Words

“Collabtive is web-based groupware
to get your projects done!
• Easy to use
• Projects, Milestones, Taskslists, Tasks
• Usermanagement, Messagesystem
• Multiple Uploads, Multilanguage”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very clean app which works well for private users and groups. Especially useful is the ability to add languages and templates.

Some Questions About

Will features such as timesheet entry or billing be added? Will more features be displayed on the dashboard?